Driving Directions

Driving Directions to Capitol “Day On The Hill”

NOTE:  Picture ID required when entering Capitol or Capitol Annex.

From west of Frankfort

Take I-64 to the first set of Frankfort exits and take Exit 53-B (second of the 127 exits), proceeding northbound on Highway 127. 

To go to the parking garage:

Turn right at the second light (after you have passed Kroger / Penney’s / Office Depot shopping center) onto Highway 676.  Go through one caution light and one traffic light and turn left onto Highway 420 at the second traffic light.  There is a left-turn lane and arrow and a sign on the right “To the Capitol”.  Turn left into the Capitol Parking Garage and park on Levels 5 or 6 (the first or second levels you come to).  Follow the directions below.


From east of Frankfort:

Take I-64 to the first Frankfort exit, onto Highway 60.  Take Highway 60 northbound toward Frankfort.  Turn left onto Highway 676.  Immediately crossing the Kentucky River, turn right onto Highway 420.  Travel about a mile and turn left into the Capitol Parking Garage.  Park on Levels 5 or 6; follow the directions below. 


Once in the parking garage:

Take the parking garage elevator UP to Level 1 (I know it is illogical, but Level 6 is the bottom level of the garage!).  When you exit from the elevator at Level 1, go straight ahead, through the glass doors to the outside parking lot (also open to non-legislator parking).  The Capitol Annex is directly ahead and the Capitol building is slightly to your right.


Entering the Annex

To enter the Annex, go up the outside stairs and into the main doors (second set of doors), where you will be asked to check in with the security guard, show a picture ID and be given a sticker.  You will then be on the first floor of the annex.  Committee meeting rooms are marked by signs – newer rooms (154, 169 & 171) are to the right at the first intersection, Room 149 is straight ahead and Rooms 125, 129 & 131 are to the left from this intersection. 

Legislators’ offices

Senators are on the second floor; Representatives are on the third and fourth floors.

Entering the Capitol

If you are going directly to the Capitol, walk on the ground level toward the right, to the end of the Capitol which faces the Governor’s Mansion.  You should check in with the security guard, show a picture ID and be given a sticker.  You can take either corridor (left or right) to the middle of the first floor where the rotunda is located.

If you need an accessible entrance to the Annex:

Instead of parking in the garage, take the ramp all the way up to the ground level, turn right, and go to the stop sign. If you are coming to the Capitol Annex, turn left and drive behind the Annex building.  There is an accessible door immediately on your right.  This will put you on the basement floor.  Go down the corridor until you reach the elevators. Take the elevator to the first floor and go to Room 111.

Accessible entrance to the Capitol:

From the parking garage, if you are going directly to the Capitol, turn right at the stop sign, drive in front of the Capitol and around to the opposite side where there is a wheel chair accessible door and ramp.  Again you are on the basement floor.  Once you are up the ramp, go either left or right to the elevators, and come up one floor to the rotunda area.

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