Why Meeting Your Legislator Is Important

Your Senator and Representative want to know what they can do to help support how you feel about legislations they will be voting on. More than likely, no one in the district you live in, have every talked with them about the importance of suicide prevention.

For example, in 2010 Senate Bill 65 that would require Middle and High School Teachers, Administrators and others to receive 2 hours of suicide prevention annually, was introduced.

The people that attended “Day On The Hill” visited with their representatives and informed them why Bill 65 was important legislation in helping to save lives. 

In part, because of the work of those in attendance, the Senate and Representatives went on to vote Bill 65 into law. In fact, out of all the votes that take place for a Bill to become law, only one no vote was ever cast. That Representative said I want it on the record that I vote no because I feel elementary schools should also be included.

By simply visiting with your representative, sharing with them your story of why suicide prevention is important, can help save lives! 

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